Flip Clock Screensaver

  • Published in Blog
  • 13 Sep

The classic flip clock screensaver, perhaps over used, but still one of the best. Add a little retro class to your idling workstation. Parameters include 12h/24h layout and adjustable on-screen size.

Download your version of the flip clock screensaver now at the "Download attachments" section below.


Flip Clock iPhone App By Larva Labs

  • Published in Blog
  • 24 Jul

Fans of retro styling and modern electronics, this one's for you: The 99-cent Flip Clock app is a stylish flip style clock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Bring it on a trip instead of a separate clock, or stand it up beside your bed or on your desk at work. It provides a stylish, readable clock without taking up all the space a real clock would.

It's probably easier to just read the clock on your iPhone's home screen, but I quite like the idea of propping your phone up with Flip Clock on and just pretending it's your actual clock. Without the loud flipping sound.

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